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I have been bad. Very Very Bad!

December 18, 2010

Dear little blog I have abandoned you for what must seem like forever. I promise it was not you, it was me. I realy do love you. I promise all of those other blogs I read are just friends. You are the Peanut Butter to my Jelly, the Nut to my Bolt, the Knit to my Purl. OK so all tongue in cheek Joking aside I am sorry I have neglected this blog for so long. My next post will be the Quick and Dirty of the last 21 months. It involves quitting a job, getting a better one, 12 whole months of staying home, and a return to the desert.

Oh yeah this is Willa Mia Dog Dog. She lives in Crazy Town now. We will interview her at a  later date.

Are we there yet?